University of Iowa - Men's Outdoor Footnall Practice Field

Univeristy of Iowa - Men's Outdoor Football Practice Field

Univeristy of Iowa - Men's Outdoor Football Practice Field, Iowa City, IA

This particular job was a great source of pride for our organization. Easton graduated from the University of Iowa and both Easton and Jack have been devout Hawkeye football fans for most of their lives. The sod for the new football field was an elite sand-based sod supplied by Central Wisconsin Sod. The sand-based sod is an extremely thick cut of sod and was placed on a pure sand base so that drainage could be drastically improved so as to not allow mother nature get in the way of coach Ferentz's practices. The sand-based sod insallation took about twice as long as normal turf installation, but the finished product turned out great and endured a severe drought a few months later unscathed.

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We waited until September of 2013 to seed down our new 14,000SF facility in Davenport. We wanted a 100% kentucky bluegrass lawn, so we drill seeded our Gold-Tag Certified “True Blue” seed blend. It is a 4-way mix of four of the best kentucky bluegrass cultivars currently being grown. Each cultivar was chosen for specific reasons, including: density, drought resistance, spring green-up, and resistance to leaf-spot. We decided to do a “test plot” with the mulching. We used no mulch cover on the main part of the yard and then we hydro-mulched the ditches with our EnviroMatrix mulch, which is a Fiber Reinforced Matrix. As you can see in the pictures, the EnviroMatrix did just as expected, it stopped the ditch from eroding (we had a .8” rain the day after it was applied!), and it increased seed germination by a large percent.
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