Wetland Mixes

Rain Garden mixtures

Rain Garden mixtures are the wave of the future, with more emphasis being put on water conservation every day. This mixture addresses water conservation in the diversity it possesses. With excellent deep rooting abilities and lower maintenance requirements of all the species this mix will help to filter collected rain water for ground water replenishment. Use this mix in larger areas or smaller, more confined areas. This mixture is also very aesthetically pleasing with excellent color variation from the wildflowers as well as the beautiful mature texture and colors of the native grasses and “grass-like” species. Use this mixture in areas of excessive water run-off or retention basins sites for natural water infiltration.


  • Diverse mixture of species that will tolerate saturated to dryer soils
  • Use in areas for rain water collection and gradual filtering
  • Excellent color variation at blooming and maturity
  • Good height differentiation
  • Very low maintenance
  • Can add natural setting in small areas for water conservation
  • Will be slow to establish
Seeding Information:

15 Pounds Per Acre

Seeding Dates:

March – June  Dormant Seeding: December - March

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Did You Know?

This project consisted of putting in a bike path and parking area along Indianola Road in Des Moines. The specifications called for the SUDAS Type 1 Urban Mix and the contractor used double net excelsior to blanket the seed. The contractor also used our 8” diameter Silt Sock to help alleviate any sediment runoof.
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