Wetland Mixes

United OBL Wetland Mixture

United OBL Wetland Mixture is reformulated to more accurately represent species found in Zone 3 (Iowa) and Zone 5 (Nebraska) as designated by the USDA Wetland Indicator Status. OBL wetland species are found in standing water areas and United OBL Wetland Mixture is a complete mixture using Sedges, Rushes and Wildflowers. Special emphasis of specie selection was placed on seed count per pound to minimize domination of smaller sized seeds.

Seeding Information:

Seeding Rate:

12.0 Pounds Per Acre (Drill Seeding)         
15.0 Pounds Per Acre (Broadcast Seed or Dormant Seed)
Seeding Dates: March-June - Dormant Seed: Mid November-March
Germination Times: 10-30 Days (as a mix)

Seeding Method:

Broadcast (recommended)
Hand Seed
Broadcast Seed
Dormant Seed

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