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United FACW Wetland Mixture

United FACW Wetland Mixture is formulated to more accurately represent species in Zone 3 (Iowa) and Zone 5 (Nebraska) as designated by the USDA Wetland Indicator Status. FACW wetland species are found in wet soils that will occasionally dry out during summer months. United FACW Wetland Mixture is a complete mixture of native warm season grasses, native cool season grasses, wildflowers and sedges. Special emphasis of specie selection was placed on seed count per pound to minimize domination of smaller sized seeds.

Seeding Information:

Seeding Rate:

15.0 Pounds/Acre (Drill Seeding)         
18.0 Pounds/Acre (Broadcast Seed or Dormant Seed)
Seeding Dates: March-June - Dormant Seed: Mid November-March
Germination Times: 10-30 Days (as a mix)

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This was a sight in Davenport that had been built up to accommodate a large commercial building and as a result, there was a long, medium-grade slope that had to be built at the front of the property. The contractor utilized our QC Type 1 Seed Mix for the slope and used our 8’ x 450’ double net excelsior blanket as the ECB of choice. Also used on this site were FlexStorm inlet protection devices for the curb inlets, Dandy Curbs for the open-throat storm water intakes and IA-DOT silt fence for the perimeter sediment control device.
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