D.O.T. Mixes

Class 5B Wetland Forb

Class 5B Wetland Forb

Rates & Composition:

3%       Sweet Flag
6%       Angelica
2%       Swamp Milkweed
10%     Stemmed Aster
7%       Beggarticks
7%       Spotted Joe Pye Weed
7%       Boneset
2%       Autumn Sneeze Weed
2%       Blue Glag Iris
5%       Cardinal Flower
5%       Great Blue Lobelia
2%       Winged Loosestrife
5%       False Dragonhead
10%     Smartweed
10%     Water Smartweed
5%       Mountain Mint
5%       Cut Leaf Coneflower
2%       Riddel Goldenrod
5%       Giant Burweed

Seeding Information:

Dates: (May 15 - June 30) & (Oct 15 - Dec 1)

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Did You Know?

This was a DOT job south of Des Moines where I-35 was being widened. Some of the construction was over the Raccoon River, so our Tough Guy Type 2 turbidity barriers were used to create a static-area in the stream so that sediment could settle out of the disturbed water before running into the main stream. Also used on this project were straw wattles and logs, IA-DOT silt fence and IA-DOT Rural Seed Mix.
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