Conservation Mixes

This mixture meets the specification for Douglas and Sarpy County road mixtures as well as NRD rural seeding mixtures. This popular mixture can be used extensively in rural areas to provide excellent ground cover and erosion control. The sod forming qualities of Bromegrass blends very well with the deep-rooting

Floodplain Mixture is a versatile mixture that  is formulated with deep rooted native species that will withstand seasonal flooding, as well as prolonged dry periods. Once established, Floodplain Mixture can tolerate standing water for up 60 days and that makes it ideal for damaged floodplains, more...

Little Buckaroo Native Mixture will adapt to any low maintenance / native area. Perfect for smaller areas where native setting is desired, yet with lower profile species. Once established, Little Buckaroo Native Mixture will provide the perfect combination of aesthetics, erosion control, more...



Low Grow Grass Mixture consists of cool and warm season grasses, which are low growing bunch type grasses. This mix is ideal for low maintenance areas where you want low growing grasses with the natural native prairiegrass look.

Low Grow Grass/Native Wildflower Mixture is the perfect combination of grasses and wildflowers that provide the beauty of the wildflowers accented by the aesthetics of the low growing prairie type grasses. Weed encroachment is the primary problem with wildflowers.

Native Prairiegrass Mixture is made up of the 5 native warm season grasses that inhabited our area when originally settled by the early pioneers. Canada and Virginia Wildrye, as well as Western Wheatgrass are cool season grasses. more..

This custom mixture of wildflowers is made up of species that are specifically native to our area in the Midwest. The mixture is comprised of approximately 75% Perennials, 15% Annuals, 5% Bi annuals and 5% Low Growing Annuals for first year color. The majority of the perennials need two to three years to bloom.

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Storm Water Supply, LLC is a family-owned business and was started in 2010 by Jack and Easton Armstrong. Both Easton and Jack have extensive background experience in the landscaping and construction industries.

Jack was a co-owner/operator at Seven Cities Sod, Inc. for 37 years. He helped build Seven Cities Sod into Iowa’s largest sod farm, supplying sod from Omaha to Chicago, including the “Field of Dreams” movie site in Dyersville, IA. Easton was the owner/operator of Terra Turf, LLC, which he started in 2007 and quickly turned it into one of Iowa’s largest sod installation companies, installing turf for such jobs as the University of Iowa’s baseball and football fields and Tom Watson’s signature golf course at The Village of Loch Lloyd in Kansas City.

Storm Water Supply, LLC specializes in the wholesale of sediment and erosion control products as well as seed, fertilizer, geotextiles and fasteners.  Just a few of the most popular products include erosion control blankets, straw logs, silt fence, seed mixes and hydro mulch. Storm Water Supply, LLC also sells equipment including silt fence plows, wheel wash systems and straw crimpers. Let us supply all of your erosion control lawn care needs.
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