(Base Reinforcement & Subgrade Improvement)

MacGrid® EG biaxial geogrids are manufactured from punched and extruded polypropylene.

(Reinforced Slopes & Retaining Walls)

MacGrid® WG is a geogrid for soil reinforcement. MacGrid® WG is engineered from high-tenacity polyester multifilament yarns that are woven together in a perpendicular grid configuration to ensure stable junctions.

(Ashpalt Reinformcement)

MacGrid® AR offers a range of geogrids and geocomposites for use in road reinforcement applications.


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This was a mud slide that happened down by Cownie Soccer Complex in Des Moines. The contractor was called in to re-establish grass and protect the slope. The slope was graded and then seeded with our SUDAS Type 2 Mixture with our single net straw blanket used as the ECB on the job.
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