Wood Stakes

12" wood netting pegs with lip. 500/box. 30 boxes/pallet



18" Wood stake bundle. Use with 9" sediment logs. 25/bundle

24" Wood Stake Bundle. Use with 12" sediment logs. 25/bundle

36" Wood Stake Bundle. Use with 20" sediment logs. 25/bundle

48" Wood Stakes

1.5" x 1.5" x 48" Wood Stake Bundle. Use for silt fence installation. 25/bundle or 750/pallet

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Did You Know?

This was another IA-DOT job that consisted of constructing a new clover-leaf intersection onto I-74. The medians were seeded with the IA-DOT Rural seed mix and the slopes were matted with single net straw blanket, while the ditches were covered using double net excelsior blankets. Other products that were used included our IA-DOT silt fence, scour protection and PP5-Xtreme, which is our Type 4 Turf Reinforcement Mat for the IA-DOT.
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