Wood Stakes

12" wood netting pegs with lip. 500/box. 30 boxes/pallet



18" Wood stake bundle. Use with 9" sediment logs. 25/bundle

24" Wood Stake Bundle. Use with 12" sediment logs. 25/bundle

36" Wood Stake Bundle. Use with 20" sediment logs. 25/bundle

48" Wood Stakes

1.5" x 1.5" x 48" Wood Stake Bundle. Use for silt fence installation. 25/bundle or 750/pallet

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Did You Know?

This project consisted of putting in a bike path and parking area along Indianola Road in Des Moines. The specifications called for the SUDAS Type 1 Urban Mix and the contractor used double net excelsior to blanket the seed. The contractor also used our 8” diameter Silt Sock to help alleviate any sediment runoof.
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