SUDAS Approved Products

SUDAS Approved Products

RECP Type 1A Radix

RECP Type 1B Futerra F4 Netless

RECP Type 1C Excel SR-1 Rapid Go

RECP Type 1D Excel SS-2 Rapid Go

RECP Type 2A Radix

                         Jute Mat

RECP Type 2B Futerra F4 Netless

RECP Type 2C Excel SR-1

RECP Type 2D Excel SS-2

RECP Type 3A Radix

                         Jute Mat

RECP Type 3B Excel S-2

                          Excel CS-3

RECP Type 4 Excel CC-4

                       Excel SD-3

TRM Type 1 Excel PP5-8

TRM Type 2 Excel PP5-10

TRM Type 3 Excel PP5-HT

TRM Type 4 Excel PP5-Xtreme

Type 1 Seed Mix

Type 2 Seed Mix

Type 3 Seed Mix

Type 4 Seed Mix:



Type 5 Seed Mix:



Native and Wildflower Seed Mix

Wetland Seed Mix

Silt Fence WINFAB 1215DT

Stabilized Construction Entrance Fabric WINFAB 200W

Hydraulic Mulch EnviroMix


Bonded Fiber Matrix GFMx


Mechanically Bonded Fiber Matrix EnviroMatrix

Synthetic Ditch Check Enviroberm

Straw Wattles SWS Straw Logs

                        Excel Straw Logs

Compost Filter Sock SWS Sed-Sok

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Did You Know?

Storm Water Supply, LLC is a family-owned business and was started in 2010 by Jack and Easton Armstrong. Both Easton and Jack have extensive background experience in the landscaping and construction industries.

Jack was a co-owner/operator at Seven Cities Sod, Inc. for 37 years. He helped build Seven Cities Sod into Iowa’s largest sod farm, supplying sod from Omaha to Chicago, including the “Field of Dreams” movie site in Dyersville, IA. Easton was the owner/operator of Terra Turf, LLC, which he started in 2007 and quickly turned it into one of Iowa’s largest sod installation companies, installing turf for such jobs as the University of Iowa’s baseball and football fields and Tom Watson’s signature golf course at The Village of Loch Lloyd in Kansas City.

Storm Water Supply, LLC specializes in the wholesale of sediment and erosion control products as well as seed, fertilizer, geotextiles and fasteners.  Just a few of the most popular products include erosion control blankets, straw logs, silt fence, seed mixes and hydro mulch. Storm Water Supply, LLC also sells equipment including silt fence plows, wheel wash systems and straw crimpers. Let us supply all of your erosion control lawn care needs.
Our Address:12100 210th Street
Davenport, IA, USA 20806

Hours of Operation:
Mon. to Fri. 7:30am to 5pm

1800 Dixon, Suite C
Des Moines, IA, USA 50316