South Dakota Approved Products

South Dakota Approved Products

ECB Type 1 Excel SR-1

                     Excel SS-2 Rapid Go

ECB Type 2 Excel SS-2

ECB Type 3 Excel S-2

ECB Type 4 Excel CC-4

TRM Type 1 Excel PP5-8

TRM Type 2 Excel PP5-10

TRM Type 3 Excel PP5-12

Erosion Control Wattles Excel Straw Logs

                                       Excel Aspen Logs

Fiber Mulching Second Nature Wood Fiber Plus/EnviroGold Plus

Bonded Fiber Matrix SprayMatt/EnviroMatt

Silt Fence (low flow) WINFAB 1216

Silt Fence (high flow) WINFAB 1215DT

                                   WINFAB 2014

Drainage Fabric Type A WINFAB 400N

Drainage Fabric Type B WINFAB 800N

Seperator Fabric (non-woven) WINFAB 600N

Seperator Fabric (woven) WINFAB 200W

MSE Geotextile Fabric WINFAB 315W

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This was a sight in Davenport that had been built up to accommodate a large commercial building and as a result, there was a long, medium-grade slope that had to be built at the front of the property. The contractor utilized our QC Type 1 Seed Mix for the slope and used our 8’ x 450’ double net excelsior blanket as the ECB of choice. Also used on this site were FlexStorm inlet protection devices for the curb inlets, Dandy Curbs for the open-throat storm water intakes and IA-DOT silt fence for the perimeter sediment control device.
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