Minnesota Approved Products

Minnesota Approved Products

ECB Category 1 Excel SR-1 Rapid Go

                           Excel R-1 Rapid Go

ECB Category 2A Excel SR-1

ECB Category 2B Excel R-1

ECB Category 3A Excel SS-2

                              Excel SS-2 All Natural

                              Excel S-2

                              Excel S-2 All Natural

ECB Category 4 Excel CS-3

                           Excel CS-3 All Natural

                           Excel SD-3

ECB Category 5 Excel CS-3

ESM Class 1 Excel PP5-8

ESM Class 2 Excel PP5-10

ESM Class 3 Excel PP5-12

ESM Class 5 MacMat R

Silt Fence WINFAB 2014 (black)

                  WINFAB 2015 (orange)

Hydraulic Soil Stabilizer Type 1 TacPac GT

Hydraulic Mulch EnviroMix Plus

                           EnviroGold Plus

Bonded Fiber Matrix EnviroMatt

Fiber Reinforced Matrix EnviroMatrix

Floating Silt Curtain (light duty) ToughGuy Type 1

Floating Silt Curtain (heavy duty) ToughGuy Type 2 (22oz w/PVC Connectors)

Sediment Control Log (straw) SWS Straw Log-9"

                                                Excel Straw Log-9"

Sediment Control Log (excelsior) Excel Aspen Log-9"

Sediment Control Log (coir) Excel Coir Log-9" (5 lb/ft)

Flocculent Sock Biostar CH

Type 1 Geotextile Fabric WINFAB 400N

Type 2 Geotextile Fabric WINFAB 400N

Type 3 Geotextile Fabric WINFAB 400N

Type 4 Geotextile Fabric WINFAB 800N

Type 5 Geotextile Fabric WINFAB 200W

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Storm Water Supply, LLC wants to help you with all of your erosion control and lawn care needs. We keep a variety of products in stock at our two locations for all of your needs. Some products, however are non-stock items but can be ordered at your request. Please give us a call for product availability and shipping costs. For larger orders please allow lead time.
We are a competitive business and all of our prices are subject to change. All prices are also subject to sales tax unless we receive an exemption certificate from you or your business. For your convenience we also accept major credit cards including MasterCard, Visa and Discover.
Storm Water Supply, LLC would be happy to ship any of your erosion control and lawn care products. If you are in our local areas including the greater Quad Cities and Des Moines metro area, we can ship for a low cost of $50. If you happen to be 25 miles or more outside of our local area, we have a two dollar per mile charge and ask that your product order be a minimum of $750.00. We can also ship via UPS and LTL with no minimum order required. Please give us a call for your delivery quote today!
Storm Water Supply, LLC does accept the return of unused products. All returned merchandise is subject to a 15% restocking fee. If you have placed a special order, we do require a signed purchase order before ordering the product and those items are non-returnable. Please allow a two to three week lead time for all special orders.
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