Iowa Approved Products

Iowa Approved Products

Slope Protection-Wood Mat Excel SR-1

Special Ditch Control-Wood Mat Excel S-2

Turf Reinforcement Mat-Type 1 Excel PP5-8

Turf Reinforcement Mat-Type 2 Excel PP5-10

Turf Reinforcement Mat-Type 3 Excel PP5-HT

Turf Reinforcement Mat-Type 4 Excel PP5-Xtreme

Wood Cellulose Mulch EnviroMix


Bonded Fiber Matrix GFMx


Mechanically Bonded Fiber Matrix EnviroMatrix

Compost Filter Sock SWS Sed-Sok

Perimeter and Slope Sediment Control SWS Straw Logs

                                                               Excel Straw Logs

                                                               Excel Aspen Logs

Synthetic Ditch Check Enviroberm

Scour Protection Shoremax

Silt Fence WINFAB 1215DT

Floating Silt Curtain ToughGuy Type 2

SubSurface Drainage Fabric WINFAB 350N

Embankment Erosion Control Fabric WINFAB 600N

Asphalt Overlay Fabric WINFAB 300NP

Abutment Backfill Fabric WINFAB 465

Polymer Grid MacGrid EG11 

                      MacGrid EG41

Filter Fabric WINFAB 450N

Seed Mixes:
     Urban Seed Mix

     Rural Seed Mix

     Native Wildflower Seed Mix

     Wetland Seed Mix

Stabilizing Seed Mix:
     March 1st-October 31st

     November 1st-February 28th

Special Ditch Control Seed Mix:
     Adjacent to Native Grass Seed

     Adjacent to Rural Seed

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This golf course rennovation in 2011 consisted of reshaping bunkers, collars and tee boxes as well as adding thousands of feet of brain tile. Storm Water Supply was hired to come in and sod 22 acres of sure shot sod supplied by Allendan Sod Farm in Winterset, IA.16574427 zzki

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