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EnviroBerm is a permeable plastic berm designed for runoff control. It has been engineered as a runoff control system that replaces straw blaes and rock ditch checks.
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EXCEL Aspen Excelsior Logs

EXCEL logs are intended to be utilized on slopes to minimize displacement of in-situ sediments; in channels as small check dams and to restrict sediment laden flow from inlets.
Shoremax Scour Protection


ShoreMaxTM is a patent‐pending soft revetment scour protection mat designed as mechanical protection over highly erosive areas. ShoreMax provides protection against much higher shear stresses and velocities than turf reinforcement mats (TRMs) alone.

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A Leader in Erosion Protection Products

Storm Water Supply, LLC specializes in the wholesale of sediment and erosion control products as well as seed, fertilizer, geotextiles and fasteners.  Just a few of the most popular products include erosion control blankets, straw logs, silt fence, seed mixes and hydro mulch. Storm Water Supply, LLC also sells equipment including silt fence plows, wheel wash systems and straw crimpers. Let us supply all of your erosion control and lawn care needs.

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Silt Fence and Wattles Stay the Course

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Silt Fence and Wattles

Classic performers in any field remain popular because they serve a purpose and they execute it well. Take, for example, sediment control. While many materials used for this objective on project sites around the globe have become more environmentally sensitive and more effective regarding their intended purpose in recent years, it is the products’ function onsite and their ability to meet increasing environmental standards that ultimately determines their use. The reasons silt fencing and wattles remain viable with the industry, however, are clear: affordability and versatility.

Whether the site is rural or commercial, residential or industrial, the following examples explore a variety of products and their functions in overcoming challenges that support the use of silt fencing and wattle protection, used independently or in combination with other erosion control measures, in providing lasting, reasonably priced sediment control.

Silt Fence and Wattles


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What is Tackmat

Tackmat represents the next evolutionary step in erosion control, the dawn of a new era. A combination of two effective, proven technologies yielding a final product greater than the sum of its parts. Tackmat is a single net (top side), straw matrix erosion control blanket, specifically produced to receive an infusion of an all natural, high performance tackifier during manufacture that is deployed to the soil surface upon installation.

What Are TRM's

Rolled Erosion Control Products


Rolled Erosion Control Products (RECPs) are produced in a wide variety of types and configurations. Turf Reinforcement Mats (TRMs), a subset of RECPs consisting of permanent, structurally stable products, are used to provide immediate erosion control and long term vegetation support and reinforcement. By providing a permanent, structural matrix, secured to the ground surface, TRMs create a systemic erosion control installation from individual plants. Conceptually, TRMs function similarly to rebar reinforcement in concrete or the steel super-structure of a building. By securing plant stems and protecting plant roots, the reinforced system is capable of resisting greater hydraulic forces and reducing vegetal fatigue.

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Ballard Athletic Field

ballard thumb Huxley/Ballard Football Field

When Ballard High School decided it was time to renovate and add irrigation to their football fieldthey hired Iowa Cubs Sports Turf Management to strip the old field...

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University of Iowa Baseball Fields

University of Iowa Baseball fields

University of Iowa Baseball Fields
Iowa City, IA

After years of use, the Univeristy of Iowa Baseball field began to show its age.The field turf was severely subpar and an 8" lip had developed around the infield/outfield boundary.

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Loch Lloyd

Lock Lloyd

Loch Lloyd
Kansas City, MO    

In 2010, The Country Club at Loch Lloyd, a Tom Watson design, decided to completely rennovate it's 18 hole course, as well as add an additional 9 holes.

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